Amazon Ball – Peterborough Showground – 10/11/2012

Production Support and Supply of Lighting and Video

The East Of England Showground played host to the charity fundraiser, Amazon Ball, on Saturday 10th November 2012. As a charity event originally destined for one of the smaller suites, with over 520 guests, the venue was upgraded to the Atrium room.

The event, organised and run by the staff at the Amazon Childrens Ward at the Peterborough City Hospital, was put on for the purpose of raising money to assist in the aid, recovery and enjoyment of those children who stay in the ward. Photos from the event are available on our facebook

As the name suggests, this was a black tie event, and so from a technical stand point, it had to be visually appealing and run smoothly. Asys Events were contacted by Laura Stent at the Amazon Ward to discuss how we could assist them in the event and after some discussion, we were brought in to assist in most technical aspects of the event, in particular lighting. The band performing on the night (Motor City Vipers – could provide their own PA and as such we left this to them.

As with all charity events, budget is always somewhat of an issue, and as such we developed a plan to provide ambient room lighting to suit the event, and some simple but effective lighting for the band themselves.

The organisers had arranged for the venue to put a 10m wide stage by 5m deep stage in place on the long side of the venue with a small dance floor. From this we could decide how to light everything appropriately, however the room is very restricted on hanging points with only 8 in the roof, and not in ideal places. We had thought about hanging from the above the ceiling tiles but with over 8ft from the suspended ceiling to any form of girder we opted out of this option. After some site visits, we utilised 2 separate runs of 8m Prolyte H30V truss. Off each of these we hung a selection of Coda 500/1 Floods with L119/132 and ETC Source 4 25/50 zooms with Breakup gobos in to wash the entire room. Directing the Codas more towards the white walls and ceiling meant reducing the glare into the eyes of the guests and matched in with the colour scheme of the event. The breakup gobos allowed enough ambient light to fill the room whilst not causing direct light onto any one person.

With the stage being on the broad side of the venue, and no central rigging points, a 16m H30V span was rigged parallel to the stage. This provided rigging for a crucial part of the evening; the projection. The organisers requested the ability to play back a video about the ward and various other aspects relating to the evenings entertainment. As such, a 3000 ANSI lumen Dell Projector and 150′ 16:9 projection screen was fitted. The lack of rigging points available above the stage area meant that we used a 12m span of H30V on 2 Doughty Zenith wind up stands going to a height of around 5m (just under ceiling height). This also gave us a good rigging point for 10 RGB LED fixtures and 4 Mac101s for some movement effects. This means that we could still get that rock and roll feel from the stage, yet keep within the budget.

Dimming and control was all Avolites, with a Powercube at one end, and a Pearl 2004 at the other.

The event went off without a hitch, and as such raised tens of thousands of pounds for the ward and the children.