Bourne Festival 2015


Once again, Asys Events were asked to supply full production support to the increasing popular event, Bourne Festival. The event itself has been running now since 2002 with Asys Events supporting for many years now. The Bourne Round Table, who organise the event, requested the same spec as previous years with a few minor improvements.

Our involvement in the event includes the supply of all Audio, Lighting, Staging and Power requirements for the event.


Sticking in familiar territory, Turbosound was used in force for the main stage PA, incorporating 3 Turbosound THA-600 Flex Array cabinets over 4 Turbosound TSW218 per side. This choice in PA gave ample coverage of the audience area yet keeping the boundary audio SPL readings to a minimum. FOH control was a change from the normal Yamaha M7CL this year, with a Digico SD8 being used.

Onstage saw another change in console, implementing an Allen and Heath iLive 112. Using the Digico  SD Rack for the primary audio inputs, a MADI card was installed in the iLive MixRack enabling preamp sharing with gain control handed to the Digico and the iLive having +/- 24dB trim available. After being tested in the warehouse, it was also possible (through additional MADI cabling) to give preamp gain control over to the iLive.

Monitor world saw an upgrade from the TFM-450 wedges previously used, up to the TFM-560s driven off Turbosound Rack DP-50 amps as well as the usual Turbosound sidefills.


Continuing our working relationship with Impact Productions in Milton Keynes, we asked Impact to supply the staging to the same specification as last year. All the staging is Litedeck incorporating 45 8×4 decks and 2 4x4s with 2 sets of 4ft steps. In order to make changeovers as smooth as possible and keep to the tight schedule in place, we fitted 2 8×8 rolling drum risers allowing drum kits to be fully assembled and mic’d side of stage before being rolled on in a matter of seconds.

As big improvement on previous years were the ground conditions. The organisers, Bourne Round Table, invested a lot of money to greatly improve the ground on site. In previous years the ground under the staging area was extremely uneven with nearly 0.5m difference between the low and high points. This year this was reduced to a simple slope from stage right to stage left of just 15cm over 15m, making the stage build much quicker.

Impact also provided us with 20m of crowd barrier for the front of the stage, as well as some of the rigging and lighting used in the marquee.

A change in marquee supplier meant that Asys Events were also asked to supply the Round Table with black casement to 3m height around the back end of the marquee for masking off the stage with the future aim to black mask the triangular top section of the marquee next year.


The world of lighting is always a challenge in a marquee. Limited on roof loading and weight loading, there is a need to get more creative with the design. This year the equipment list included:

8 Mac 550s
4 Mac 250 Washes
8 Mac 101s
12 Lanta Orion Link V2 Battens
2 6 way Parcan IWBs
2 4 way ACL Bars
4 Source 4 Zooms
4 4-cell Molephays
2 Atomic Strobes

The main alteration to previous years was the addition on the Mac 101 LEDs. The narrow beam width (13.5deg) and fast movement give excellent effects on stage and when supplemented by the Pixel Mapping capabilities of the LED Battens, give a great look and feel for all kinds of music.

As always, Avolites were the choice of desk for control and the Pearl Expert was ideal.


A major change this year was power. Due to issues with power supply in previous years, a change in setup and supplier was called for and as such, Asys Events chose to bring in Pearce Hire for generators and large power distribution.

Previously, 2 100kVA generators were used, 1 driving the PA and the other running lighting, bar, and many other power requirements with the ability to run everything of 1 genset should 1 fail. However this wasn’t ideal.

This year, we asked Pearce hire to supply 2 100kVA gensets synced to supply all power. Powerlocks then ran half way down the main marquee to a Pearce Hire MR-352 distribution rack. From here 2 63A 3phase cables were run in for Lighting and Audio power. A further 63A 3 phase cable was run in to a box to power all the food trucks and 32A 3 Phase was run in for the chiller (reefer) truck. Asys Events then supplemented this by supplying all single phase power distribution and cabling for the bars, food stalls and onsite amenities.

Pearce Hire also supplied a 3rd genset at 60kVA for the craft stall and site offices. While this was a larger size than necessary, it allowed us some leeway should anything unexpected arrive onsite.

All gensets were a lot quieter than our previous suppliers and ran without fault throughout the entire event.


Please see for more photos and information about future festivals.