Bourne Fireworks 2015


Bourne Fireworks took a year out in 2014 coming back in 2015 with a whole new look.

Traditionally, this event is organised and run by the Bourne Abbey Primary School PTA, however, Bourne Round Table (another client of Asys Events) came onboard to run the event alongside the school.

The event normally centered around a simple fireworks display with a few stalls dotted around. After a years gap however, it came back bigger and better, introducing separate kids and adults displays with both being timed and cued to music, a bar, live bands, and overall, a bigger setup.

We came onboard as a key supplier, dealing with stage audio and lighting, fireworks PA, full site power distribution and site lighting as the whole package.

Fireworks PA

The fireworks PA was designed for long throw straight down the length of the field and consisted of Turbosound TA-890 and TSW-218 subs. Both low and high elements of TA-890 were used with each of the 2 stacks consisting of 4 low, 4 high and 2 subs. The fireworks company dealt with their own timecode so the PA ran off an Allen and Heath Qu16 with input from the fireworks control system and the announcement system ran from the stage.

Stage Systems

For this year, the stage was an artic trailer with space in front for school choirs. The primary system in place was the main PA that needed to cater for a number of bands and choirs. For this, we trialed the Proel Axiom line array system. As a fully powered system, we ground-stacked 2 twin 18″ subs a side (EDGESW218P) and 4 AX2010P elements a side. As a system, we were very impressed particularly with the SW218 subs which had excellent power and punch but keeping the clarity expected from high end systems.

The system was all run from iLive and a considerable mic package from Shure, AKG and DPA.

We also implemented our 100V line system for emergency announcements and site wide coverage.

Power Distribution And Lighting

Covering a large area, we decided to make the site plan as sensible as possible to reduce long cable runs through audience populated areas. Again, we got our generators and additional distribution from Pearce Hire in Peterborough.

While the site was a large one, the amount of power draw was reasonably small so we used a 25kVA genset and a 60kVA genset. The 60kVA handled the stage and fireworks PA systems with a couple of extra lines to some stalls, with the bar, stalls, site office and other ancillary areas being run from the 25kVA set. Having all gensets trailer towable meant that on the very muddy ground, we could easily position and move all the equipment as needed without damaging the ground.

Site lighting consisted of a couple of trailer tow lighting sets, HMI floodlights around the stalls and bar area plus a number 4ft fluorescent tube fittings to light each stall.