Lake LM26

Supply of Audio Equipment

Last week we supplied one of our clients with a new Lake LM26 loudspeaker processor for their in house rig to replace their old unit. This was part of an audio upgrade in the theatre. With the unit being racked away from the main auditorium, the network interface from Lake made it ideal for their situation.

Alongside the supply of this product, we also did the installation and setup of the setting for their ALcons PA system already fitted.

While the system is currently run in through analogue lines, the Dante capabilities of the LM26 future proofs the setup for further digital expansion and a noticeable difference has been seen with the improved audio quality. The comprehensive DSP in the Lake range made setting up the system simple yet very adaptable.

With a high turnover of wide ranging productions, the LM26 was ideal as an adaptable unit to suit many applications.


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