Live Events

Our speciality is our audio, lighting and production support for live events.

Over the years we have supported numerous events including live concert audio, lighting and video for the touring industry and festivals as well as our work with amateur and professional theatre productions.

We design your shows from concept to final performance. Through CAD technology we are able to design and preview your show on a computer so you know exactly what the outcome will look like.

Following on from this, we can provide the equipment, engineers, technical know how and associated paperwork for any and every event.We like a challenge, so if you have a complex event that requires synchronisation between all aspects or requires a very particular effect, we shall more than happily take that on and provide you with a solution.

Through show control technology and our extensive knowledge, we can get your show exactly as you want it.

Asys Events have been a fully professional outfit for our Festival. All equipment is of the highest standard, all crew members are friendly, and the results are of the highest quality.

Kevin Gutteridge Bourne And District Round Table 896


High Quality Technical Solutions

If your company is looking to treat your employees with a large event or are just looking for technical support for a conference then we can provide you with the equipment and engineers to suit your needs.

We know how the way you appear to clients is of upmost importance to being a successful business, and we ensure all of our equipment is kept in a good condition with regular maintenance to give a faultless event.

We can also cater for road-shows up and down the country so you can get your information to all your employees knowing you get the same result time after time.

We also keep a good knowledge of many venues so we can recommend a good location for you.

If you would like to see how we can assist or to get some advice then please get in touch.


Multi Skilled Professional Engineers

Without the right engineers, the most expensive and modern equipment can be a waste of money and this is why all our engineers are people we work with on a regular basis and put into jobs that suit their skills.

Our database covers lighting, sound and AV engineers each specialising in their own field, however we try our best to use multi-skilled engineers to make each job that bit easier and simpler.

Continuity is something we believe helps all shows. If you have a specific engineer for a job, we try as best as we can to specify that engineer for your future events so you always work through and with the same engineer.

We don’t just use our engineers on our own equipment either. If you are a venue or band and have your own equipment but are looking for an engineer to work with you, then we can supply engineers on their own; whether that be 1 or 10 of them.

All our engineers are professionals in their respective fields and come with all necessary training and knowledge to do the job you require so let us see if our engineers can help your event.

The entire team was professional, communicative and hard working. Whatever we asked for was included or thought about one way or another. You're forward looking, positive outlook took the events to another level.

Dan Bates Bourne Grammar School

Audio, Lighting and Video Installations

Design, Supply and Installation

With our extensive knowledge and skill base, whether its a new build, renovation or just replacement or additional equipment you require, then we can supply, install and train you in the safe and correct use of almost any lighting, sound or AV equipment.

A speciality of ours is in the education sector improving, upgrading and installing new equipment to improve the standards of learning in schools.

If you are a complete novice and have absolutely no idea what you are looking for in terms of technical requirements for a building and are looking for some professional advice then we are more than happy to help you to achieve your desired outcome. Just get in touch and give us a rough idea of your requirements and we can hone that in to a finalised design and costing for you.