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Audio Supply and Engineering for SAMYO

Continuing our work with our long standing client, Milapfest, Asys Events are taking on the audio for the Indian Youth Orchestra at the Southbank Centre in London in there annual showcase event.

The orchestral setup includes tabla’s, sitars, veenas, mridangams and a whole host of other instruments to create a 51 channel audio challenge. Keeping to budget and scheduling, the decision was taken to use the in house Soundcraft Vi1 and bring in the additional equipment to increase the channel count to 64.

A couple of months prior to the event we began working with Milapfest discussing proposed arrangement of instruments and the chosen music. After attending rehearsals and speaking to the composers to understand the instrument balance the main challenge was the instrument count.

The instruments ranged from percussion of Tabla, Mridangam, Kanjira, Moorsing, Ghatam and Kahon to melodic instruments of vocals, Sitar, Santoor, Sarod, Veena, Saxophone, Violin and Flute.

A new section to the SAMYO performance this year was the addition of an 8 piece choir.

The simplistic SM57 and SM58s were used alongside DPA4099s and KSM187 condensers on the stringed instruments. The choir was mic’ed with AKG C414s.

Setup began from 8am with sound check starting around 11.30. The afternoon was taken up with rehearsals before the concert began at 1930.

Some of the pieces of work relied heavily on good timing with sound effect tracks running in the background requiring good onstage monitor coverage. While we encourage the young musicians to work with as little monitor foldback as possible, in such a large space with up to 10m between the 2 percussion sections, some monitoring is used to keep everyone on the same track. Monitoring was run over 8 mixes from FOH.

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Milapfest SAMYO Audio Engineering


Milapfest SAMYO Audio Engineering