Asys Events invest in TW AUDiO!

This year marks a major growth in the business with our investment in TW AUDiO. A German manufacturer creating some incredible speakers. TW AUDiO came to the UK in 2016 having been making high quality speakers for many years. Last year they branched out into the UK and America with some great results so far.

Our purchase is made up of the largest box in their line array series, VERA36 (Vertical Array). Specifically, our purchase includes the VERA36 high pack and VERA S33 subs. We are the first early adopter of this system in the UK and are certainly not disappointed by its overwhelming power and clarity of sound.

This article will focus on the line array system but we have also invested in the TW AUDiO M8 box as well – read more about this in this article – More TW AUDiO stock!

For those unfamiliar with TW AUDiO and specifically the system we have invested in, lets have a closer look at the boxes.


This high pack is comparable to the D&B V-series V8 and V12. Size wise, the dimensions are similar to D&B V-series with the same height and width, but an increase in depth and weighing in at 6kg heavier. The extra depth and weight amount to the additional driver with the box housing 2 x 10″ drivers, 2 x 8″ drivers and 2 x 1.4″ HF. Dispersion wise, horizontally the VERA36 has 2 options, 80˚ and 120˚, and a vertical dispersion of 10˚.

The box is biamped with a passive internal crossover between the 8″ and 1.4″ drivers and connects on NL4 (as do all the TW AUDiO speakers). These boxes can be run in pairs or 3s to reduce total amp channels.

Transport wise, they are stacked in 4 with a wheelboard and cover.

We could go on to describe how great these boxes sound, with their amazing clarity and punch, but I would highly recommend a listen as these boxes really do speak for themselves.

For more information on the VERA36, visit TW AUDiO’s website at

VERA Rigging

The flying mechanism is very clever, using a fixed central “dog bone” that sits between 2 sliding stepped plates. Lifting the system off the floor at 0˚ allows the bottom plate to slide to set the angles. Then lowering the box to the ground, the “dog bone” sits on the bottom plate allowing the top plate to slide across and lock the angle in. The array can then be flown out. Very quick and simple.

Rigging wise, we stock the larger RF900 fly frames as these are both configurable for hanging up to 24 boxes (compared to 9 for the smaller fly frame – SFV36) and also usable as ground stack frames using the GSK36 (groundstack kit). In flying mode, you can use single or double pick up points as well using the smaller SFV36 as a pull back frame at the bottom of the array. In groundstack mode, they can either be floor mounted using the ORF900 outriggers, or fitted on top of the S33 subs. 6 boxes can be groundstacked.

The RF900 can also be used to fly the S33 subs as well as a link frame between flown S33 and VERA36.


The low end box for the VERA is a native cardioid box with a front facing 18″ driver and a rear facing 15″ driver. The cardioid design is implemented to provide rear rejection as standard without the need for additional reverse facing boxes. Each driver is driven separately for total control in cardioid mode giving upwards of 15dB rear rejection. For a different configuration, these subs also work extremely well in end fire mode, producing even more directional audio in front of the box while still maintaining that much needed rear rejection.

Transport wise, we supply these in stacks of 2 with a cover and wheelboard.

The S33 can be found on TW AUDiO’s website at

Amplification – Lab Gruppen PLM12k44

What better way to go than Lab Gruppen? TW AUDiO (unlike D&B) chose not to invest in making their own amplifiers when Lab Gruppen lead the way on this and, as such, this is the route we chose to take as well. TW AUDiO also recommend Powersoft amps however we must prefer the Lab Gruppen Lake software and flexibility of the amplifiers.

The PLM12k44 is a 4 channel amplifier that is fully configurable through the Lake software, with Dante built in as standard – this works brilliantly with our range of Allen and Heath iLive and dLive consoles. Dante enables us to network all our amplifiers into one central system allowing both networked audio and control.

All TW AUDiO speakers are usable through presets designed specifically for the boxes and implemented onto the PLMs.

Not only this, our stock of PLMs can be used across many other speaker brands such as Adamson, EAW, D&B and L’Acoustics to name but a few.

Individual amplifiers are provided in a 3U rack mount with I/O patch panel allowing connections via Analogue audio in and AES. The output section allows for all combinations of amp channel distribution to the speakers.


If you would like any more details regarding our incredible new system, a quotation or would like a demo please do let us know! #changeyourrider #simplyyoursound