Further TW AUDiO investment!

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M8's increase hire stock

As part of our TW AUDiO investment we decided to purchase the TW AUDiO multifunction speaker, M8. These small format speakers consist of an 8″ driver and 1″ HF. While boxes are fitted with a top hat for pole mounting, these boxes come with the SBM8 bracket and the K&M HSF for far more directional control when mounting on a 35mm speaker stand or can be used with a Doughty T50711 half coupler for the purpose of flying.

The SBM8 allows the boxes to be positioned either horizontally or vertically and the 90 x 60 horn can be rotated for the best control. As an 8 ohm box, 4 can be run off one channel of a PLM12k44.

These speakers are supplied in pairs (Left and Right) in carry bags with all attachments in the front pocket.

The ease of portability and lightweight housing means these boxes are ideal when utilised as front fill boxes as part of our larger VERA system (see here for more info) or in the conference and corporate environment where it shines through packing a large punch for such a small unit.

For more information please visit TW AUDiO’s website at http://www.twaudio.de/en/product/m-series/m8-the-subdued-representative/ or if you would prefer the upfront and personal touch, give us a call to arrange a demo!